Digital Health Suite

Leafsprout's Digital Health Suite is a family of software products that facilitate secure storage, exchange and distribution of health information within an enterprise, between enterprises - including large scale deployments such as 100+ hospital networks - and to patients. The Suite puts the power of information in its users' hands with exceptional speed and scalability. It has been designed leveraging the most stringent peer-reviewed security standards.

Leafsprout's Digital Health Suite includes products targeting the following areas:
  • Patient Identity Management – performs reconciliation of patient identifiers and demographics coming from various institutions the patient has visited. Relevant products: patientRegistry.
  • Document Management – addresses storage, versioning, cataloging, discovery, and retrieval of all parts of patient's health record in existence at any institution within the targeted enterprise/region. Relevant products: docRegistry, docVault, docBrowser, docDispatcher, communityLink.
  • Image Management – handles storage of imaging studies in VNAs, making diagnostic images visible, along with reports, as part of patient's health record. Relevant products: vnaPlus, imageView, imageGateway, cloudLink, docBrowser
  • Security and Accountability Assurance – addresses issues of authentication, authorization, encryption, and audit trails (who did what and when) in environments involving a large number of patients and healthcare providers. Relevant products: auditTrail.

Digital Health Suite implements many current healthcare connectivity and communication standards, including a wide range of IHE Integration profiles (e.g., PIX, PDQ, XDS, XUA, ATNA, DSUB) as well as the base healthcare interoperability standards (e.g., HL7, FHIR, DICOM, CDA/CCD). In order to support large enterprise and regional/national-level deployments, all constituent products of the Suite have been designed with scalability, performance and reliability in mind. The Suite takes advantage of many modern technologies and deployment environments, including: 64-bit software and hardware architectures, server farm deployments, virtualization, private/public clouds.

For a detailed list of products in the Suite, listed by function, see Product Index.