About Us


Leafsprout is dedicated to the development of software solutions that improve the quality and performance of healthcare systems. That includes better clinical outcomes (for patients) as well as the improved efficiency and lower cost of the healthcare delivery process (for providers and payors) – from a single enterprise, to a network of enterprises, to a region, to a national-level healthcare system.

Our team is led by individuals who bring expertise from a broad set of domains that span the healthcare technology field. We continuously look for ways to further improve clinical outcomes, at a lower cost, to the increased satisfaction of stakeholders.



Leafsprout was founded as a professional services firm providing consulting and product development services to some of the most prominent companies in the healthcare IT space, for whom we have quietly helped design many novel and next-generation products. The launch of Leafsprout's Digital Health Suite marked the transition of the company's focus from professional services to products. Today we continue to expand the Suite, which forms the foundation of our Cortex products.