Leafsprout offers software solutions that enable secure storage, sharing and viewing of health records and imaging exams across the enterprise, region or nation. We connect and correlate information from existing silos (e.g., multiple EHRs, PACSs, RISs, LISs) to present a cohesive view of the patient's health record — for providers, payors, patients, researchers, disease-centric registries. Your enterprise can continue to use its favourite presentation tools and apps (e.g., local EMR or PACS) to display the records the way you prefer.

Focus Areas

Digital Health Suite

Digital Health Suite is an eHealth software platform designed for environments where patient's health record can be spread across clinical systems from many different vendors - e.g., multiple EHRs, PACS - within a single enterprise, or across multiple cooperating enterprises. The Suite is the foundation on top of which Leafsprout's clinical solutions are built. It is applicable to and used by a variety of healthcare enterprises: from a small independent clinic to a regional network of 100+ hospitals.

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Digital Health Suite

Store, archive, view and share imaging exams and reports within the enterprise and between enterprises. Prefetch relevant external priors or deeply archived priors into connected PACS systems. Aggregate information from all connected RIS systems to assemble radiology worklist and automate a wide range of workflows. Manage encounter-based (unscheduled) image acquisitions from portable modalities/devices and make the ad-hoc exams part of patient's record.

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Digital Health Suite

Capture clinical content coming from all connected information systems, e.g., multiple EHRs, LISs, HISs, etc, to attain a complete view of patient's non-imaging health record. Various formats of clinical content are supported, e.g., CDA/CCD documents, HL7 integrations, FIHR integrations, etc. Partition the data into clinical perspectives/specialties (e.g., labs, oncology, etc) and make it available to the enterprise, external enterprises, patients, specialists, etc.

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Our Users Say

“ ... nothing but positive. The prior examinations in our PACS from other [Health Authorities] have provided valuable information on a regular basis. It has improved the quality of our reports and helped direct appropriate patient care. There are not enough good things I can say about this.

–-Dr. K. Wong, MD, FRCPC Local Department Head, Medical Imaging, Royal Columbian Hospital

Upcoming Events

HIMSS 2020 Annual Meeting - visit us at booth 6478 in Orlando (Mar 8-13, 2020).
IMPORTANT NOTE: As HIMSS 2020 in Orlando was cancelled, we will be hosting a virtual booth event for Leafsprout users and prospects sometime in Q3'2020. Stay tuned for more info on that. At this point we do not plan to attend any major trade shows until mid-2021.