Leafsprout's CortexSharing is a secure digital distribution system for medical imaging records. It allows users to electronically send imaging exams, results, and associated documentation to patients and clinicians involved in a patient's care with the click of a button. Users may share complete imaging exams (i.e., all studies, reports, and other documentation pertaining to a particular set of diagnostic cases), or individual studies/reports/documentation alone.

When sharing at the exam level, any new updates to the previously shared exam(s) – e.g., a new study has been attached, an updated report has arrived, a new surgical plan has been filed – become automatically visible to the recipient without the need for creating a new share. When sharing at the study/document level, the sender can exercise fine control over which subsets of the exam(s) are to be included.

Shares can easily be audited (who accessed them, when, and from where), revoked, extended, protected with a PIN. Shares are secure and can be sent to anyone with an email address.

Shares can be viewed by the recipient on their preferred device (e.g., desktop or mobile phone) via the included zero-footprint web-based image viewer, imageView. By default, no patient data is ever stored on any display device. However, if authorized by the administrator, recipients are able to download and export the shared content to a removable drive.

CortexSharing allows users to:

  • Share records seamlessly with specialists, referring physicians, patients.
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of physical media (DVDs, USBs) to transfer data.
  • Improve the referral experience for your referral network.
  • Track accesses, revoke accesses.
  • Satisfy HIPAA obligations to provide patients with a copy of their records on demand.
  • Convert a digital share to physical media, if needed.

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