Medical imaging is an important tool in making informed diagnostic decisions. However, the imaging history of a patient may be dispersed across multiple institutions, PACSs, specialty department imaging systems, archives, many of which may be different from the PACS and EMR of the institution where the patient is currently receiving care.

An Imaging Network can span tens or hundreds of independent institutions working together. Each institution may have its own local RIS/PACS, its own unique imaging terminology, patient identifiers (MRNs), accession numbers, etc.

While it would be possible for the institutions within a Network to exchange imaging records with each other via mechanisms like Image Sharing, this approach is not the preferred one as it relies on explicit steps being taken by some individual (e.g., patient or physician) to perform the act of sharing. This may never happen, for many reasons – as a result, patient's imaging history may be incomplete.

The benefit of Leafsprout's CortexNetwork is to offer the complete imaging record for each patient served by the Imaging Network, visible within any PACS in the Network, without relying on explicit acts of sharing performed by individuals.

In order to exchange imaging studies and reports within such networks, the CortexNetwork solution:

  • Unifies patient’s imaging record coming from all the institutions that the patient has visited over the years, without needing to migrate all storage to a single point.
  • Automatically distributes relevant external priors and reports to the institution where the patient is currently being seen, all in anticipation of needs. Relevant priors are identified, localized, and ingested into the local RIS/PACS in advance – providing an enhanced imaging history of the patient to the reading radiologist.
  • Reduces or eliminates unnecessary/repeated scans and improves clinical outcomes as a result. Large Integrated Care Delivery Networks (IDNs), where patients often move between institutions (e.g., due to specialization), can benefit in particular as unnecessary imaging often accounts for 10-20% of total imaging in those environments.

Leafsprout's CortexNetwork solution presents clinicians within an Imaging Network a complete – and seamless – view of each patient's imaging record, all in the vernacular of the enterprise where the patient is currently being seen (using the local MRN, local terminology/exam code, local accession, etc).

“ ... a tremendous tool in day to day medical imaging reporting across many modalities. The option to view exams with attached reports performed in other health authorities allows for improved diagnostic assessment since we now have the ability to make comparisons to exams that we otherwise would not know existed. In addition, the fact that exams are auto-pulled allows for more time efficient reporting since we no longer need to waste time or human resources while the file room clerks retrieve exams for us. The overall result is improved patient care via improved and more timely medical imaging reporting.

–-Dr. V. Vedd, BSc, MD, FRCPC Chief Radiologist - Diagnostic Imaging, Royal Inland Hospital

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